Memorial web pages for Dr.Takuro Hatakeyamat  [e-Mail:htakuro.web(at)]
T's Photo Album for myself and my friends.

Takuro & Eiichi, Under the Californian Blue Sky in 2000
We attended the
CSUN Conference in L.A., 22-25th March 2000. Also, we visited some places in Bay Area,
because Eiichi and his family were living in Bay Area, 1998-1999. Eiichi miss this place...

Dr. Sherry Hsi
We used to discuss about Assistive Technology
at Yokohama Rehabilitation Center.

Home Visiting Service at Vancouver B.C. Canada1991.6

with Mr. Toshihide Todoroki
He was not only client but also one of my best friends.



  I visited to Taiwan on June 2-6, 1999 to give a lecture.
  After lecture, we went to the mountain area to drink oolong tea.
  Photos with my best friends who are working for The First Assistive Technology & Resource Center of Taiwan (1999.06.04 )