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WU Jhong-Han (16th trainee)

WU Jhong-Han
  • Click here to read Michael's final report
Name WU Jhong-Han
Sex Male
Country of Origin (Hometown) Taiwan (Taipei)
Nickname Michael
Date of Birth July 19, 1988
Types of Disabilities Hearing Impairments (Hard of hearing)
Training Goals
  1. To acquire sign language skills
  2. To learn about support services for persons with disabilities

List of Michael's main training venues

Organization Location URL
Japan Deaf Orienteering Association (JDOA) https://www.facebook.com/pg/japandeaforien/community/?ref=page_internal
Japanese Federation of the Deaf Tokyo https://www.jfd.or.jp/en/
Tokorozawa Social Welfare Conference Saitama http://www.toko-shakyo.or.jp/
(Japanese Version Only)
Saitama Association of the Deaf Saitama http://sai-deaf.org/
(Japanese Version Only)
Tokyo-to Chuto Shiccho・ Nancho Sha Kyokai
(Tokyo Association of the Acquired Deaf and the People with Later Hard of Hearing)
Tokyo http://www.tonancyo.org/
(Japanese Version Only)
All Japan Association of Hard of Hearing and Late-Deafened people (Zennancho) Tokyo https://www.zennancho.or.jp/zennancho-english/
Japanese ASL Signers Society Tokyo http://www.npojass.org/english
The support & Service Center for and of the Deafblind “SMILE” Osaka http://db-smile.jp/english.html
Tsukuba University of Technology Ibaraki http://www.tsukuba-tech.ac.jp/english/

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