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Kim Byung-Hun (7th trainee)

Kim Byung-Hun
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Name Kim Byung-Hun
Sex Male
Country of Origin (Hometown) Korea (Seoul)
Nickname Byung-Hun
Date of Birth January 26, 1979
Types of Disabilities Hearing Impairments (Deaf)
Training Goals
  1. To study multi-genre deaf drama
  2. To acquire various skills related to drama, in order to publicize deaf drama in Korea
  3. To gain necessary knowledge and skills for establishing a theatrical company in Korea
  4. To learn about deaf drama teaching methods

List of Byung-Hun's main training venues

Organization Location URL
Kagayaki Computer School Tokyo http://kagayaki.school-info.jp/
(Japanese Version Only)
Tokyo Central School for the Deaf Tokyo http://www.chuo-sd.metro.tokyo.jp/site/zen/
(Japanese Version Only)
Office KAZE NO UTSUWA Kanagawa http://www.plusvoice.jp/shozaki/
(Japanese Version Only)
Japanese Federation of the Deaf Tokyo http://www.jfd.or.jp/en/
Japanese ASL Signers Society Tokyo http://www.npojass.org/english
Deaf Puppet Theater HITOMI Kanagawa http://www.puppet.or.jp/e/

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