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Phallin Noeun (6th trainee)

Phallin Noeun
  • Click here to read Phallin's final report
Name Phallin Noeun
Sex Male
Country of Origin (Hometown) Cambodia (Phnom Penh)
Nickname Phallin
Date of Birth June 16, 1981
Types of Disabilities Physical Disabilities (Right-sided hemiparesis)
Training Goals
  1. To learn about how persons with disabilities live independently in the community and advocacy
  2. To learn about the improvement of quality of life of Japanese persons with disabilities
  3. To understand Japanese culture, tradition and social welfare

List of Phallin's main training venues

Organization Location URL
CIL HANDS Setagaya Tokyo http://hands.web.wox.cc/
(Japanese Version Only)
Shinjuku Ward Welfare Center for Persons with Disabilities Tokyo http://shinjyuku-fukushi-center.org/
(Japanese Version Only)
CIL Aruru Osaka https://www.npo-aruru.com/
(Japanese Version Only)
Center for Independent Living Muchu Osaka https://www.npo-muchu.com/
(Japanese Version Only)
AJU Center for Independent Living Aichi http://www.aju-cil.com/english.html
KOYUKAI Light Friend Association Kanagawa http://www.lfa.jp/
(Japanese Version Only)
National Rehabilitation Center or Children with Disabilities Tokyo http://www.ryouiku-net.com/introduction/english.html
Ooyata Employment Support Center Tokyo http://ooyata.com/
(Japanese Version Only)
Information Center, JSRPD Tokyo http://www.jsrpd.jp/static/index_e.html
DPI-Japan Tokyo http://www.dpi-japan.org/en/
Human Care Association Tokyo http://www.humancare1986.jp/english.html

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