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Cucu SAIDAH (3rd trainee)

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Name Cucu SAIDAH
Sex Female
Country of Origin (Hometown) Indonesia (Bandung)
Nickname Cucu
Date of Birth January 14, 1975
Types of Disabilities Physical Disabilities (malformation of lower limbs)
Training Goals
  1. To study education for children with disabilities
  2. To learn about Peer Counseling

List of Cucu's main training venues

Organization Location URL
Toyama Special Needs School Toyama http://www.toyama-sh.tym.ed.jp/
(Japanese Version Only)
Musashino Higashi Gakuen Tokyo http://www.musashino-higashi.org/top.htm
(Japanese Version Only)
Aiiku Yogo School(School for Children with Special Needs) Tokyo http://www.aiiku-gakuen.ac.jp/english2/
National Institute of Special Needs Education Kanagawa http://www.nise.go.jp/cms/12.html
Machida Human Network Tokyo https://cil-mhn-enjoy.wixsite.com/cil-mhn
(Japanese Version Only)
Studio IL Bunkyo Tokyo http://www.h6.dion.ne.jp/~ilbunkyo/
(Japanese Version Only)
CIL Kunitachi Enjoy Center Tokyo http://www.cil-kunitachi.com/
(Japanese Version Only)
Shimonoseki Child Development Center Yamaguchi http://www.shimo-jigyodan.jp/publics/index/9/
(Japanese Version Only)
Hanada Special Needs School Nagano http://www.nagano-c.ed.jp/hanada/
(Japanese Version Only)
International Cooperation in Rehabilitation Fukui
Asahide Specal Needs School Tokyo http://www.asahide.ac.jp/
(Japanese Version Only)

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