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Lintang's Final Report

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Final Report

I gained more confidence in independent living, which is the largest plus of my training in Japan.

We, the trainee have different disabilities. This opportunity to have training with those who have different disabilities helped me broaden my outlook. In Japan my training focused on independent living. I learned about independent living in Main Stream Association in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, and Office IL in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture. I visited wheelchair maker, Oita Taki Co. in Oita. Through my study program I realized that people with disabilities have some physical limitations, but that independent living is possible as long as the person can make the decision to seek independent living by herself/himself. During my training about wheelchairs, I learned how to draw a plan and know what type of wheelchairs are best suited for specific physical impairments, and make simple repairs.

I would like to express my deep appreciation to Duskin for giving this opportunity, and to the Japanese Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities and many other institutions for making the training possible and for the care and concern they have shown me during my stay in Japan.

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