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Communication Skills Development Training Program

By: Ms. Masako Okuhira and Ms. Satomi Nasu

16th & 17th January, 2015

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Milestone society for the special persons organized a training program on 16th and 17th January 2015. Ms. Masako Okuhira and Ms. Satomi Nasu conducted the training in the perfect manner. Persons with disabilities from DPOs (Disabled Persons Organizations) from across the country participated. Communication is the basics of the human existence and we communicate to live but it involves techniques to learn how to communicate in well manners. Sometimes our communication makes problems for us as we misunderstand on the behalf of others. We live how we communicate is rightly said by some wit. It is the art to learn how to communicate in best manners.

The training was initiated with formal introduction of the participants who belonged to different organizations and different cities of Pakistan. Mr. Shafiq Ur Rehman President Milestone facilitated the introduction process and introduced the training facilitators from Japan to the participants as well.

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Ms. Nasu San briefed the training program and as an ice breaking session distributed training material and asked the participants and made them learn how to proceed this 2 days training and made it easy to understand the training method, participants were asked to write down the ruled of the training in order to make participants get familiar and speak up their minds.

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As a group activity participants were divided in groups and asked to comment about Active Listening, they were provided with flip charts to work and further make presentations on their findings as well. The participants actively participated in this exercise and wrote their findings about the active listening and each group made presentation on his findings as well.

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The next session was conducted by Ms. Masako Okuhira San where she divided the participants in groups for group exercise titled Solution of Problems, sticky notes and flip charts were distributed among the participants and they were asked to go through the exercise of problem solution written on different notes provided to the trainees, it was a story with problems in disorder and participants had to make it in order to find solution of the problem.

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This exercise was food for thought and active mind required to solve it. It made participants to learn how to cope and communicate in disorder situation. Participants made presentation group wise about their findings.

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The participants were asked to give their feedback about the day training and all of them were of the view that they have lean a lot about the communication as an art and it will provide them with the skill to communicate in well manner.

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The 2nd day training was half Day training where the first exercise was about answering the questions provided on the flip charts using the sticky notes. Participants were asked different questions about communications that they had to answer individually in order to improve their communication skills.

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The session was conducted in group exercise where participants actively participated and wrote down their answers of the asked questions. The training ended with the formal concluding remarks by the experts and participants were asked to express their finding of the training.

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The participants appreciated the training and its material provided and hoped that this training will provide them with better ways to communicate in future and they have learn a lot about better communication and the exercises provided them with confidence and team working skills. The training provided them to learn that all are equally respectable and we have to support each other as well.

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