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Rizwan(Pakistan, 13th) Training of Independent Living and Electric Wheelchair repair

Milestone Conducts Training Program for Saaya Association Team

Date: 06th & 07th December, 2013

Time: 10am to 05pm

Organizers: Milestone Society for the Special Persons

Venue: Milestone Office, Lahore

Participants: Hassan Ali Khan, Umar Farooq, Amir and Kamran

Facilitators: Mr.Shafiq Ur Rehman (Milestone) Lahore
Rizwan Ijaz (Milestone) Lahore
Mr.Akmal (Milestone) Lahore
Mr.Kamran Saleem (Milestone) Lahore

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The Milestone Society for the Special Persons conducts a training program for Saaya Association (Islamabad) team. The said two days long training imparted knowledge about Independent Living and Electric Wheelchair repairing. Milestone Society for the Special Persons has the distinction of introducing independent living concept in Pakistan and first Independent Living center was established in 2001 and further with the promotion and support of Milestone more IL Centers were established nationwide providing facilitation to persons with disabilities to live an independent life with disability pride. Mr.Shafiq Ur Rehman delivered lecture on Independent Living, the role of IL centers, the services it provides and unfolded the history of Independent Living how it was incepted by Ed.Roberts and further flourished in the world.

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Independent Living Philosophy serves persons with disabilities in general and severe persons with disabilities in particular and it is the fact that it has changed the life of persons with disabilities and produced agents of change in a positive manner. Mr.Shafiq Ur Rehman also shared his experiences of learning from different developed countries like Japan, United States of America, South Korea and Thailand as well. It unfolded the facts and success of independent living how it changed life of persons with disabilities and how they fought for their rights and gained their dignity and equal status in society. Since the inception of independent living in Pakistan by Milestone Society for the Special Persons there are many success stories that inspire to stakeholders serving in disability field and this inspiring promoted the establishment of IL centers in the country.

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Milestone has been promoting independent living for the past many years and it supported DPOs ( Disabled Persons Organizations ) in Pakistan to establish IL Centers in their respective communities, the agents of change produced by Milestone has played a vital role in this concern and being source of empowerment and courage they have been travelling to different cities to strengthen IL Movement in Pakistan through provision of IL Skills trainings to the staff of DPOs and through the provision of Assistive Devices for cross disabilities. It is not an exaggeration to note here that there is a positive change in the society since the inception of independent living in the country. Beside these programs Milestone has been ensuring the mobility of persons with disabilities sheepishly hidden in their houses for the reason of sense of being good for nothing, their mobility was ensured through provision of assistive devices including wheelchairs, white canes, hearing aids and cell phones for text messages communication for deaf community.

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Milestone has been providing manual wheelchairs in the past years and now through its electric project it is providing electric wheelchairs to severe persons with disabilities to make them a productive and contributing part of society, it is through their participation that inclusive society is being formed. The next training session provided training of electric wheelchair repairing techniques by Milestone expert team which is trained form Japan. Mr.Akmal and Mr.Kamran Saleem imparted and shared skills and teechnques of electric wheelchair repair with the trainees, this exercise included usage of electric wheelchair and repairing its different parts.

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This sharing opened new horizons of fruitful knowledge among trainees as they learned the said techniques with drill exercises with the commitment and ensure mobility of persons with disabilities and to serve them in the best possible manner for the creation of right based, barrier free and inclusive society for all. To ensure mobility of persons with disabilities is essential step to make them facilitated enough to come out of their homes and participate in community. This dream of an inclusive society can be materialized by strengthening disability movement. Persons with disabilities are deprived of the basic facilities of life even and this reduces and sets limit to their social participation. This training also sensitized the participants of the issues related to the lives of persons with disabilities and the concept of right based barrier free and inclusive society for all.

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