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Kavinda’s Activity Report

Report of activities carried out in six months after the 22nd Duskin Leadership Training.

I participated in the 22nd Duskin Leadership Training Program in Japan for 8 months from April 2022 to December 2022. I fought the Corona threat and gained valuable knowledge and invaluable experience, knowledge, and skills under the deaf leaders of Japan.

The most valuable experience I have gained is the new ideas and plans in Japan's deaf leaders, and the way they unwaveringly commit to the development of the deaf community in the face of obstacles and challenges.

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In Sri Lanka, which is facing severe economic and political crisis after the 22nd Duskin training, the following are the activities I have put in place for the development of the deaf community in the face of difficult challenges.

My first operation,

I met with the officials of the Gampaha District Deaf Association, where I worked for 8 years without a salary as a secretary, and explained how the association should be updated and the experience gained from the Japanese Deaf Association. The officers of the Gampaha Deaf Association gained new knowledge through that and I was fortunate to be able to start my first activity as a consultant for the development of the association.

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Second action,

The experience in Japan was explained through zoom to some of the young people from the deaf community in Sri Lanka who have received higher education. From that, knowledge was gained on how the new youth community should lead in the future.

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I also shared the knowledge and experience I gained with all the members of the association and tried to create new attitudes in them. That is, self-employment methods, positive thinking and how to face society's problems were explained. Due to the severe crisis situation in Sri Lanka, there is currently no result, but I believe that they will implement it in the future.

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The third operation

From February 10, 2023, I resigned from the position of secretary of the Gampaha District Deaf Association and joined the United National Special Occasions Forum, which was founded by Dr. Ashadi to serve the deaf community throughout Sri Lanka, as well as the physically challenged community, from June 20, 2023, as the administrative secretary of the deaf section of that forum. Work was accepted. It is my privilege to be able to work with blind and physically challenged leaders through this forum.

I am working with the United National Forum of Special Situations to find out the problems of deaf families in Sri Lanka and do a project to provide solutions through the state of Sri Lanka and I am currently collecting information. It is also a result of the training received in Japan, which is an achievement for me.

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Activity Four

The issues identified in the Deaf family community in Sri Lanka, such as employment issues, government allowances and communication issues, were discussed through the United National Special Forum with the President's Advisor and they will work to provide solutions to these issues through the Parliament of Sri Lanka in the future. It is a victory for me that Mr. Presidential Adviser promised that it will be shown. As a positive result, the current government has announced that it will provide self-employment counseling and assistance to the deaf community. Furthermore, it is my mandate that the Presidential Adviser has asked me to participate in the plans to implement a pension system for the disabled community in the future. I should also be thankful to Duskin Institute for giving me an opportunity to gain new experience and knowledge for social service work.

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Future planning and activities

After the Duskin training in Japan, my main goal was to start a cafe called “You and Behiri Api(You and Deaf Us)” to expand communication and sign language while eliminating the distance between the deaf community and society in Sri Lanka. The related project report has been forwarded to the Sri Lankan Social Services Department and private social care organizations and I am hopeful that a good response will be received as soon as possible and it can be started.

Finally, as a 22nd Duskin-trained Deaf Leader, I will do my best while expressing my sincere thanks to the Japan Disabled Rehabilitation Association, Duskin Foundation, and other trained Japanese Deaf Leaders who have provided me with leadership training and skills as well as a positive attitude in Japan. .

I will report back later on my new activities. I wish success to all Duskin family leaders.

Mr.B.K.D.Kavinda Rodrigo,
B.A.(Colombo) in Sri Lanka
22nd Duskin Leadership Trainee in Japan
Counselor of Gampaha District Deaf Association in Sri Lanka
Secretary In the deaf section of United National Disability Forum in Sri Lanka

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