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Laxmi’s Activity Report

Report on: Presentation of Oral Statement in UN about Situation of WWDs in CEDAW Review of Nepal

I am Laxmi Nepal. 19th Duskin trainee from Nepal. Today, I am sharing about my experience of delivering oral statement in the 71st CEDAW in United Nations Geneva about the situation of women with disabilities (WWDs) of Nepal. This year, in the 71st CEDAW, there was the country review of Nepal’s 6th periodic report on status of fulfillment of Nepal’s obligations under CEDAW. Along with the government report, we, the representatives from civil society organizations (CSOs) submitted to UN CEDAW committee the shadow report about the status of CEDAW obligations fulfillments in Nepal. In shadow report preparation process in Nepal before actual CEDAW session, I actively took part in raising the issues of WWDs. As a result, in the sponsorship of UNDP, I got chance to participate in 71st CEDAW Session in UN Geneva as a delegate of civil society organizations of Nepal representing women with disabilities.

Before actual CEDAW report review with the government, in the United Nations, there is the practice of having briefing from CSOs about the real situation of fulfillment of CEDAW obligations by the state party. So, CSO’s or NGOs of each countries are provided with 10 minutes to deliver their oral statements. To my pleasure, it was my first time participating in review of any such international treaty and I was allowed by CSOs of Nepal to deliver oral statement about the situation of WWDs of Nepal. Due to high number of delegates of Nepal and many thematic groups wanted to deliver their oral statement, I was allocated 2 minutes for my oral statements similar to my other presenters from Nepal.

During my oral statement, I specially highlighted on two issues pertaining to WWDs. First was about lack of access to justice for WWDs against violence. My recommendations here were:

having certified sign language interpreters in the court

conducting sex education for the girls with disabilities studying in residential school as they are vulnerable to sexual abuse

involvement of WWDs in law and policy making

The 2nd issue that I highlighted was about the lack of economic empowerment opportunities for WWDs in Nepal. Here my recommendation was on conducting livelihood programs for economic upliftment of WWDs. It is my pleasure to say here that in this year’s CEDAW shadow report from Nepal, many issues of WWDs were highlighted. After this CEDAW review, CEDAW committee will provide concluding observations in the end of November where Nepal will be morally obliged to work more on the observations provided by the committee.

This is the UN link to oral statement
Source from UN Web TV (starting from around 11:40)


During my time in Japan during Duskin Leadership Training, I got chance to meet various WWDs leaders of Japan such as Masako Okuhira san (formally JSRPD), Mami Goibuchi san from DPI Japan, Fujiwara Kumiko san from IL Center Be-suketto, Kobe; Akiko Fukuda san, etc. I got chance to talk with them about the issues of WWDs in Japan, and in the international arena. This experience has broadened my understandings of women’s rights in general and movement of WWDs in particular. I would like to thank duskin leadership training family for providing me this wonderful opportunity.

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