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Liu’s Activity Report

Report during 2019-2021

Dear All, DUSKIN FAMILY and Supporters

It was a long journey during 2019 - 2021, with many things happening for me. First, I would like to thank you DUSKIN Leadership Training Program, which inspired me to do many things and the gate to many things such as experiences, skills, friends, networking, mindset, and future life. This time, I learned that no matter where I am, I can do it in the way I can without losing my intention as I would like to see a better life for deaf and hard of hearing people.

The journey during 2019 – 2021 is here.

Once of Life

- Every year on 3rd December is the International Day of Disabled Persons. In Thailand, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security awards prestige for persons with disabilities who were selected and certified as role models in Thailand. I was nominated by the National Association of the Deaf in Thailand (NADT) and received this award.

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Pictures from Facebook of National Association of the Deaf in Thailand (NADT)


- In this year, COVID-19 has spread, many events were postponed. Many activities about COVID-19 happened. I was interviewed and published in DTH magazine (The magazine of Disabilities Thailand).

Deaf Guide in Thailand possible?

- By supporting JSRPD and NIPPON Foundation, I held The Collaboration Forum on the “Deaf Guide” in Thailand. It was the first time to talk about the Deaf guide for deaf people who would like to be with license, NGOs, and Government sectors. It was surprised for the Deaf about the regulations and the conditional license. We found our regulations in Thailand still barriers for the Deaf by examination and training. So, the first step to make the success on Deaf guide is the research about the deaf guide in each country to evidence for changing or supporting new regulations. To make it real, our organization must start first, and then NGOs and Government sectors will support us. However, it is still difficult as the budget for research is needed.


Support each other

- I got the opportunity by chance to be the international sign interpreter for a candidate of Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) from Thailand as Thailand would like to send a candidate for the election held in 2020. I was glad and was a part of this. Currently, a candidate won, now she is working as the committee on CRPD.

Make the opportunity to follow the dream

- If you want to change your life, just do it by creating the choice of chance; at least you did!

My friend told me about the opportunity to study with a scholarship at the next level in Japan. My sense told me only “just do it”, no matter it failed or passed. Hence, I decided to apply for the Japanese government scholarship and later, I passed. When I looked back...I reminded myself I would follow my dream that I wrote during DUSKIN training program time in the class about the dream/future goals in my life within five years so far. I have ever written that within five years, I would like to study next level and now I am studying, it was following the dream that I wrote. What is a coincide! It could be said that it is an outcome and the success of DUSKIN training program class so that I am now a student again.


Keep going

- I continue working on projects with NADT, such as evaluation for sign language interpreters on television projects and evaluation for Closed Captions on a television. I can still have the meeting online and management through various applications such as LINE, ZOOM or Google Drive, etc. It could be said that technology connected us. Everything is possible if we try to do it without being limited.

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- I also wrote about the COVID-19 Thailand on the Journal Society for All; NO.491 VOL.41-2 (source: http://www.jdnet.gr.jp/news/journal/2021/05.html) and was a lecturer for some university students about COVID-19 and CBID in Thailand.

Connection to opportunity...to use sign language in society

- During staying in Japan, I challenged myself to apply for a volunteer TOKYO2020. This time, I would like to thank you myself that I brave to apply without thinking about the barrier. During participation TOKYO2020, I was a part of the Paralympics Game, the connection of mine, my friend whom I knew, during DUSKIN training time supported me a lot, as my friend, Hashimoto San told me that I could request a sign language interpreter. So, I decided to do. I got a sign language interpreter in some days. These somedays were necessary time. The feedback from some of the volunteer team was precious as some of the volunteer team tried to learn about sign language, tried to use it, and understand sign language and my situation barrier. Some of them said they found that when I had a sign language interpreter, I shined, fresh, more active, and faster responded. I want to thank you my friend and interpreter, during volunteer time. He made my days! In addition, TOKYO 2020 had training for volunteers on their website. There are also included the sign language and screen reader version too. I appreciated and felt that TOKYO2020 is successful in making real diversity and inclusion!


Lastly, thank you very much to AINOWA Foundation, DUSKIN Leadership Program, JSRPD Staff, DUSKIN family, and Japanese friends for their support. Because of training, my life in Japan is more accessible as I use Japanese sign language to communicate with government sectors about the document, access the information by sign language interpreters for any occasions such as studying at the field visit times and basic Japanese to access information makes me funny to learn anew thing every day.

Reported by Kaewkul Tantipisitkul (Liu)

#19th DUSKIN Trainee from THAILAND

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