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Profile of Dream for Disability Foundation (DDF)


Established: June 4, 2013

Contact Address:
181 west Paikpara, Chamilybag, Brahmanbaria
E-mail: dreamfordisability@gmail.com

01. Introduction:

Dream for disability foundation (DDF) Bangladesh is a non-profit organization which was established on June 4, 2013 with a young group of people with disabilities (PWDs) and parents, relative of PWDs under the leadership of Md. Hedaetul Aziz. Its main aim is to create a barrier free society and equal rights of people with disabilities focused on accessibility, livelihood, justice, education, rehabilitation and physical environment, recreational activities as well as access to information technology etc.

02. Background and Problems:

Bangladesh is a developing country located in South Asia and is home to approximately 160 million people. It is a country of widespread poverty, with 44.3 % of the population living below the poverty line, because inadequate health care, education, livelihood, and rehabilitation recreational facilities. Lack of social security services and at high risk from natural disasters, particularly flooding, cyclone & earthquake etc. estimates that 10% of the population i.e. 16 million people are living with a disability and these are one of the most vulnerable groups as they do not receive any special facilities from the government and non-profit organizations and for the person with disability main problem is accessibility.

The present situation of the people with disabilities in Bangladesh is very poor and they suffer a lot here in different aspect of their lives. People with disabilities are mostly excluded from mainstream economic development and social interactions due to misconceptions, negative attitudes, discrimination on rights and limited knowledge of mainstream development actors. 80% People with disabilities (PWDs) are living in remote areas which is totally inaccessible, graphically vulnerable areas, are at even greater risk as their participation in socio-economic development activities.

So as to address these problems and to improve the overall situations of Bangladesh, the main aims of this organization are to create a barrier free environment and to promote the rights of people with disabilities by improving knowledge and technique the people with disabilities and to provide support for livelihood, justice, education, rehabilitation, physical environment and recreationl activities for them and their families. Dream for disability foundation Bangladesh is working for creating a barrier free environment and empowerment of people with disabilities in socio-economically at their living areas through self-help groups or individuals.

03. Vision Statement:

To inclusion people with disabilities in society and established equal rights

04. Mission Statement:

To create a barrier free environment for people with disabilities in Bangladesh where all kind of disable person have equal access and opportunity

05. Strategic Objectives:

  • To improve the livelihood status of the people with disabilities (PWDs) through self-employment and established equal rights and participation in the socio-economic development activities in society.
  • To provide vocational and skill development training to the PWDs for their self-dependence.
  • To promote empowerment of people with disabilities through community based rehabilitation services.
  • To provide legal aid assistance to protect rights on justice among the men and women with disabilities in Bangladesh.
  • To create enabling environment for people with disabilities in society to improve their accessibility and access to services & resources.
  • To create networking with government, NGO and non-profit organization.
  • Networking development with foreign country.
  • To promote sports and recreational activities for people with disabilities at local level, national level and international level.

06. Targeted beneficiaries:

People with disabilities (PWDs) are prime beneficiaries of the organization as they are inspired from getting their minimum needs in leading the livelihood, establish their rights and involved them in socio-economic activities. All kind of grassroots marginalized people with disabilities are main beneficiaries of this organization.

The stakeholders are the local govt. officials, community leaders, teachers, GO & NGO representatives, private sector leaders, social worker, lawyer, civil society would be the main stakeholders to have influencing in promoting the rights of people with disabilities and their inclusion in the society.

07. Working location:

At present, we are working in Brahmanbaria District and Dream for disability foundation will extend it activities at all Districts in Bangladesh in near future.

08. Management:

Dream for disability foundation has a General Council (GC) with 25 members and an Executive Committee (EC) with 7 members. The Executive Committee is formed by General Council which is supervising the overall activities of DDF. Also, the Executive Committee elects an Advisory Committee of 5 members. The Advisory Committee gives necessary suggestions to the EC for better implementation of the programme.


The Chief Executive Director is conducting daily administration by the roles of business. The procedures of staff management, staff recruitment, and project designing and organize training, making written policies in the role of business. For maintaining office management, the following manuals are being used ensuring proper implementation of the projects and policies. DDF has maintained the Human Resources Management Manual and Accounts and Financial management manual and Gender Manual.

10. Legal Status:

Dream for Disability Foundation is under registered (AFR) as a voluntary organization with the Bangladesh Joint stock company and firms and we also applied for registration to NGO affairs bureau.


  • Barrier free check and negotiation with local administration and civil society
  • Awareness program for positive change to develop disable field
  • Livelihood support
  • Advocacy & Networking
  • Legal aid support
  • Skill development training through the partner organization
  • Assistive devices supply
  • Social business group activities
  • Recreational activities
  • Referral services

12. Staff Strength:

The organization has a young dynamic team of 5 persons who are skill trained, experienced and have wide range of development expertise and worked in different NGOs. The Secretary General and Chief Executive Director is 16th Dusking leader. He has completed 16th Dusking leadership training program in Japan. The program is designed for young people with disability living in Asia and Pacific who wish to become future leader and work for the benefit of the disabled community. It is sponsored by the Duskin Ainowa Foundation and implemented by the Japanese Society for Rehabilitation of person with Disabilities (JSRPD).70% employees are differently able person. The activities are leading by the Chief Executive Director. Dream for disability foundation have some of volunteer staffs also.

13. Networking

Dream for disability foundation is working with close connection with National Forum (NFOWD) and National Alliance of Disabled People’s Organisation (NADPO) to establish unity of people with disabilities and ensure their equal opportunity and equal rights in society.

14. Fund Raising:

At present, Dream for disability foundation raise its fund from membership subscription, personal contribution from members and well-wishers, local donors, foreign donors (expected) etc. The organization received a small amount of donation from organizational founder members and Adviser. We made a plan to make more income generation project to sustain development of the organization base. In this regard, DDF needs financial assistance from donor agencies and individuals in home and abroad to run all kind of its activities.

15. Our Challenges for the Future Development:

To create barrier free city of Bhramanbaria as model of Bangladesh and to set-up an accessible training centre for the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). We also need to different program activities in order to employment more People with disabilities (PWDs) and improve livelihood to become self-reliance.

We are committed to help the increasing number of disable person like physically, hearing, visual and mentally impaired people. We have a primary estimate to raise the sum of 200000 US$ to fully develop in the coming years (25,000 US$ for training centre) and we need your helping hand to reach our goal. With your help and our commitment, we go forward to development. So we can train more disabled people needing special needs training, health care, rehabilitation them with due respect. In the regard any help of any kind will be most welcome and appreciated

Contact Person:

Md. Habibur Rahman Mollah
Founder and Secretary General
Dream for disability foundation (DDF)
181 west Paikpara, Chamilybag, Brahmanbaria
Cell: 01727476210
E-mail: dreamfordisability@gmail.com,

Dhaka Office:
BRP bulding, A-2, Plot, A/5, section-14
Mirpur, Dhaka-1206

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