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Mizan's Activity Reports

Dear Duskin, JSRPD, AJU, Partner and people at Movement.

This is my first time to write a report after backing to Bangladesh.

Thank you in advance.

On July 27th, our disability organization hold the event to give wheel chairs presented from AJU (AJU Center for Independent Living) to our peer. On that day, many people came to join this event.

Photograph 1

Governors, civilians, and persons with disabilities participated.

We discussed a lot about the issue of disability.

Photograph 2 Photograph 3
Photograph 4 Photograph 5

On August 1st, I had presentation at Centre for the rehabilitation of the paralyesd –CRP where is known as the best disability organization in Bangladesh.

I talked about Duskin Training which I had experienced as 16th trainee.

Approximately 600 people were listening my presentation.

Now, I work at 2 places, which are at CRP and my own organization, “Dream for Disability Foundation”.

We will move to Dhaka from next year.

Please look at the picture in below.

Photograph 6

Photograph 7 Photograph 8

The next is, I am going to report about disability event on September 11th.

This events also had many people who came from all over Bangladesh and abroad. Our organization hold this event to give crutches and wheel chairs to persons with disabilities.

Photograph 9

Photograph 10 Photograph 11

Those 5 wheel chairs with 75kg in total, were brought from Japan through the airplane when I came back from Japan. We are very happy that you gave us those wheel chairs. We appreciate all of you.

Duskin 16th trainee
Habibur Rahman MOLLAH (Bangladesh)

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