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Dilshod's Activity Reports

Dear Duskin trainees, staff and my best close friends.

I think that your work, family and you are fine, nice and wonderful.

Now I want to write you about my work and activity which I always try to help people with disabilities who needs help.

I graduated my master degree in July with my close friend. His name is O’ral.

He is also a disabled person. After the graduation of master course, we passed IELTS exam together to improve our skills in August. Then we started to find a job. But it was very difficult to find any job because of our disabilities. We never thought about to find any job, it would be so difficulty. If it is so difficulty for us, how other disabled people can do?

Nowadays my friend, O’ral is working in Tashkent University of Information Technology. He is a teacher. He could do it.

From November I started to work at the college for disabled children. I am a teacher. At that college, there are around 500 boys and girls. They are very talented. I am teaching them about how to work, study and live independent without helping their family.

I told many times when I have been in Japan, Japanese and everything. After they listened my words they started to feel very well because they could think about that they could do anything such as working at company, recieving education, playing sports and having family in their future without any helping.

I am working in the second place. The second place is “Sergili Mexribonlik” NPO. “Sergili Mexribonlik” NPO helps disabled people in Sergili region, Tashkent city. There are around 60 disability people. In our organization, we have many problems but I started to help them so I think we can do it together.

My activities and peers at “Sergili Mexribonlik”

Photograph 1
Photograph 2 Photograph 3
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Photograph 5 Photograph 6

Also, I am also working at “SHAROIT PLUS” NGO, association of persons with disabilities in Tashkent City, which was just founded at 29th December, by Muzabbat san who was involved JICA project in the past. “SHAROIT PLUS” means to improve environment of persons with disability. My task is a treasurer.

In the future I want to open education courses, working places, independent living center for a disability people.

My friends, my twin and I could testify that all disabiled people can work, study, sport and others in social life.

Dilshod Normrodov, Duskin 16th Trainee from Uzbekistan

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