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Dilshod's Activity Reports

Minasan, Konnichiwa, how are you?

I would like to talk about persons with disabilities in Uzbekistan.

I received New year Card from Duskin on 18th March. I really appreciated. I thought you forgot me because I did not hear until now. But I was wrong.

I am going to talk about this 6 month.

I have been making many friends who with disabilities since last October.

I did not have a lot of friends before, but now I have many.

I organized various parties with them.

For example, we got together and relaxed on 3rd December because of International day of persons with disabilities. This style is the method of Mainstream Association (Japanese CIL where I studied)

I help my friends when they are in trouble. It is a little bit hard because we don’t have any organizations. But we have been struggling. My friends and I talked and discussed about persons with disabilities.

You may think that this kind of discussion is not important. But I think it is very important because every persons with disabilities must know about CIL and other information such as education, sports, a society that everybody can live together and working with persons without disabilities. I am very happy that young and old disabled people started to go out from their home and family. They started to think about how to live without helping of their family when their families are not in their life. Two of my friends wants to buy a home for them and live there without family. They are girls. And 4 friends of mine wants to play sports and they want to win the Paralympic Games in Japan. I can give many examples but it spends much time.

Everyone wants to celebrate “Navro’z” holiday in Uzbekistan on 21st March of a year. “Navro’z” holiday is celebrated in every family of Uzbekistan. “Navro’z” holiday means “New day”, “New feeling” and “New …” as same as disabled people celebrate this holiday with good feeling, happiness.

We had a party on 19th March. 40 persons with disabilities participated. We became friends, and I talked to them about CIL. They couldn’t understand at first, but then I thought they did understand finally.

I am still teaching Japanese and English as a volunteer. I talked to my students about Japanese persons with disabilities. After finishing my master, I would like to make an organization like CIL. We do our best with Japanese and Uzbekistani friends.

I want to ask one very important thing. If I don’t speak or learn Japanese language I will forget everything which I learnt in Japan. So if you have a friend in Uzbekistan, please tell me. So I want to learn Japan language with him or her.

If you want to change the world at first you must change yourself.

Duskin 16th trainee
Dilshod NORMURODOV(Uzbekistan)

Photograph 1
Japan universities come to Tashkent on 11-12 November. I went to there with my close disability friend.
Photograph 2
This people are my friends. Young disability people.
Photograph 3 Photograph 4
Photograph 5
International day of persons with disabilities
Photograph 6 Photograph 7
I checked accessibility for persons with disabilities.
Photograph 8
Photograph 9 Photograph 10
Photograph 11
Photograph 12

This is a library. Disabled people also can enter by a wheelchair to the library

Photograph 13

This is a social park.

Photograph 14
Photograph 15
This is outside of store. Good but bad...
Photograph 16
This is good!
Photograph 17
This one is not good...
Photograph 18
Photograph 19
With my friends
Photograph 20
Photograph 21 Photograph 22
Photograph 23 Photograph 24
Photograph 25
I played sports with my friends
Photograph 26
Photograph 27
Navro’z holiday
Photograph 28 Photograph 29
Photograph 30 Photograph 31
Photograph 32 Photograph 33
Photograph 34
Photograph 35 Photograph 36

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