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Dilshod's Activity Reports

Minasan, Konnichiwa, how are you?

I am a Duskin 16th trainee from Uzbekistan. I returned to my country on 26th June.

I learned a lot of important things related to persons with disabilities during 10 months in Japan. I really appreciate Nasu san, Duskin and other friends because they always helped me. I miss you all very much!

I believe that all of my friends are fine and struggling in their own countries.

I hope that 17th trainees are also trying their best. Now your time is gold. First of all, you must study Japanese language. After that, you can do anything. Try your best to study Japanese at the moment. I also want to study Japanese with you, but I have to say I am really disappointed because of I couldn’t do so. Good luck! And Enjoy. Enjoyment is very important, please do not forget.

Photograph 1
This photo was taken in Osaka, just before leaving Japan with other trainees

Let me write about activities that I have been doing after returning to my country.

First, I organized a party. Almost 500 people came to my house and I talked about Japan again and again. I shared a lot of information about persons with disabilities in Japan. All of them were surprised. Most of them did not believe that Japanese persons with disabilities live like that. However, they got different information about persons with disabilities, and they deeply considered. Now they think that it is good persons with disabilities work and live independently.

I took a rest from July to September. At that time, I always thought about the things I learned from Japan, what I can do now, and what should I do in the future.

I started master course from 3rd September. I also work for persons with disabilities. Since I started to work, I have been looking for peers. Then I met Muhabbat san, Oybek san, O’ral san, Ikrom san and other friends with disabilities from university. I shared and talked what I learned in Japan and how persons with disabilities live in Japan with them. They thought those were good. Then I said let’s do it in Uzbekistan! We will do our best. Muhabbat san is female. There is an organization for persons like Muhabbat san, so that I would like to tell them everything I learned from Japan. There are 10 people in the organization and majority of female. I work various activities at the organization, such as teaching Japanese. Unfortunately, I am not able to work hard due to I am now studying to get master degree. However, when I have a time, I go to the organization to teach Japanese, check barrier-free of the street, and talk with government officers.

Many roads and streets were repaired and became barrier-free for wheelchair users. However, there are many places still not being barrier-free.

My friends and I played at the park twice. Playing at the park is one of my hobby. My Japanese friends well know about it.

Oybek san is a lawyer. I always talk with Muhabbat san and Oybek san a lot. Oybek san will visit to Japan from 12th October. He wants to study Japanese laws and regulations related to persons with disabilities. He is going to stay for 40 days. After returning to Uzbekistan, I would like to work with him.

Uzbekistan and USA did not sign UNCRPD yet. Japan signed in 2011. Uzbekistan is going to sign soon.

Actually I talked with my friends a lot about persons with disabilities.

Future Plan:

Make friends:

I would like to do barrier-free check of the street for wheelchair users. I did not use wheelchair before studying in Japan. However, I used it in Japan, I recognized what kind of problems exist. We never understand the problems of wheelchair users if we do not use wheelchair. Now I understand, so I would like to do my best.

Create a website for persons with disabilities:

I would like to establish center for independent living. Also, I would like to do many/various things for persons with disabilities. I want to study Japanese at Uzbekistan Japan Education Center from January 2016. I really want to work for supporting persons with disabilities, however I could not find appropriate organizations. I appreciate if you could let me know the good organization. I do hope to work for persons with disabilities.

I cannot use the internet due to lack of money. So that I could not communicate with Japanese people. I would like to talk with you after connecting the internet. That is all for now. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Duskin 16th trainee
Dilshod Normurodov from Uzbekistan

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