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Disability Equality Training

Let's Explore Diability
Disability Equality Training
28th April, 2015



HEERA (Highly enthusiastic and Educative for Rights and Awareness) and AWAM Faisalabad society for the Association Women for Awareness & Motivation conducted DET Training under the umbrella of CBID (Community Based Inclusive Development) and DET Forum Pakistan,


22 participants from the students of MSc Psychology from TIPS college of Commerce Faisalabad including persons with disability and persons from other parts of life participated as well.

Ice Breaking and Inception

Mr. Omer Pervaiz Malik, President HEERA and DET Expert in Pakistan facilitated the training in befitting manner and proceeded the training in logical and mathematically toward including keeping participants involved throughout the training course.

The training was incepted with formal introduction of participants and after that Mr. Omer defined the rationale of the training and DET scope of work as well. He thoroughly explained what DET is that paved the way toward other proceedings of the training.

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Group Work

The 22 participants were divided in 3 working groups to practice different learning activities. This drilling exercise made a great difference as it provided opportunity to participants to learn how to work in a team. Working in groups creates opportunity to compete in a healthy manner and it also provides with scope to interact in a well manner.

Understanding of Disability via Discovery Learning

With use of flips charts and sticky notes the participants were asked to express their views about disability to know the sense of the house that how people take disability in society. Participants were asked different questions about disability and persons with disabilities to make them learn through discovery where disability actually stands in society, it proved as session about unlearning normal clichés about disability that dominate masses brains.

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What is Disability and Where is Disability

This thought provoking session was about exploring what disability is and where is the disability? The participants participates different exercises to understand what disability is and where is the place of disabilities. During exercise different participants have different views about disabilities and place of disabilities. A deep discussion had been created among the participants to discover the answer what is disability and where is the disability. After exercise participants are able to understand the comparative definition of disability which they have discovered and definition of disability in UNCRPD

Illustrations and Videos

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Mr. Omer used different illustrations and video in this disability discovery methodology to make participants learn in well and easy manner, illustrations and videos always make process easy for learning. These videos were about Disability and persons with disability facing different situations. It provided great opportunity to participants to learn with this modern methodology. It provided them with the right learning that disability is not found in any persons but it is found in the infrastructure of the society that is not inclusive, we have to create barrier free, right based and inclusive society to achieve equality.

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Social Model of Disability

This session about understood the following:

  • Inclusive Society
  • Disability and Impairment
  • Problems in society

This session thoroughly discussed the above mentioned topics that explored the thought of the participants about disability; the session was thought provoking for the participants as it discussed the social clichés about disability and explained difference between disability and impairment and what problems persons with disability face in their daily living? The participants discussed problems that persons with disabilities faced in their lives due to non availability of inclusive society and equality that is the right of any person in society.

The participants learned that disability is not impairment but different life style and only inclusive, barrier free and right based society is the solution of each problem. Participants of training also shared their views and experiences while dealing with disable persons in their respective areas of life.

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The forms were distributed among participants to fill up that how they would utilize this training learning disability in 3 month period in society. What kind of plan they will draw and implement practically to aware society that disability is not a problem but a different life style.

Mr Malik Zahid Mustafa, Vice President HEERA, conclude training session with his final remarks and announcement that he will soon build very first in the history of Pakistan a facility specific for research on issues regarding disability and it will be called as Disability Research Center. Tahir Pervaiz Malik Chairman HEERA and senior advocate High Court Lahore, also said his word that disability must not be consider as barrier force but a force which gives power and It is our duty to give them psychological strength that they are not less but equal. He also stated that disability and international scenario that how disability movement is flourishing among underdeveloped countries and masses are being informed to unlearn the misconceptions about disability and persons with disabilities.

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He appreciated the active participation of the participants and distributed training certificates among participants.


Special Thanks to our sponsors and partners

1- Especially Malik Zahid Mustapha Vice President HEERA
2- AWAM Organization Faisalabad
3- DET Forum Pakistan
4- CBID Network Paksitan.

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