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Activity Report of Soe Moe san(Myanmar)

Dear DUSKIN Family, Greeting from Myanmar. I am Soe Moe Oo, 14th DUSKIN Trainee. I would like to share my brief activities to DUSKIN Family.

1. Now I am working in Myanmar Independent Living Initiative as a project facilitator of Disability Inclusive Election Project.

Photograph 1Photograph 2

2. Second activity is Leading University Education Scholarship program for PWDs. After High school they can apply to University Education Scholarship. This is great opportunity for PWDs.

3. Third Activity is facilitating Job Opportunity for PWDs. Our country, Myanmar very difficult to get the job for PWDs. Now, we are working together "call center" under Blue Ocean Operating Management Company. Call Center means "what you want to know, you can ask there" address and phone number etc. Now, 17 PWDs got the job and working there. Another one place is MAB Bank, 3PWDs working in MAB Bank. MAB Bank is very actively encouraging to PWDs.

Photograph 3Photograph 4

4. Last June our organization, Myanmar Independent Living Initiative (MILI) and other disabled people organizations were implemented Myanmar council of persons with disabilities. I was selected as a joint-secretary for Myanmar Council of Persons with disabilities. 21Members (4 types of disabilities and disabled parents) participating and working Myanmar Council of Persons with disabilities.

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5. Final one, I already implemented PWDs Self Help Group at my native village. I am very happy for that and this will be one branch office of Myanmar Independent Living Initiative (MILI). MILI has 19-branch offices the whole of Myanmar.

Attended workshops/Seminar to foreign countries

No Date Workshop/Trip Title Countries
1. January 12-17 Voices of our own:
Empowerment women with disability to use human rights treaty as advocacy tools to eliminate violence against women with disability (VAWWDs)
12-17 January 2014
2. 7-11 July, 2014 Election Monitoring trip Indonesia
3. July 30 – August 1, 2014 Seminar : Asian Women Social Entrepreneurs Thailand
4. 23-25 September, 2014 Policy Exchange Workshop for PWDs of Asia Pacific Republic of Korea

Best Regards
Soe Moe Oo (Myanmar)
14th DUSKIN Trainee

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