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Anjana’s Activity Report

Report on the activities of Independent Living Project for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) on June 2021 implemented by Independent Living Centre (CIL)-Pokhara

A. Programs accomplished:

1. On 11th June 2021, CIL-Pokhara conducted a virtual session on the topic of "Major Issues, risks and role of stakeholders for persons with disability in the Covid-19 Pandemic with the participation of government line agencies, like minded organization, DPO's and people with disability.

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2. Peer support Training:

From 27th June to 1st July CIL-Pokhara conducted Peer Support Training Program for 5 days with around 41 participants from Kaski district under the "Mobilizing Disability Right Leader to promote Inclusive response to COVID-19 Pandemic in Nepal" Project, on first day of the training Dr. Birendra Raj Pokharel clear the peer motivator about different terminologies related with disability and Tika Dahal presented about disability law in Nepal.

On second day of the training Krishna Gautam took the session about independent living and its meaning to the person with disabilities, second session was held by Maruko Tsai from CIL Iruka, Japan about the history, services and goal of independent living center of Japan and third session was presented by Yukiko Nakanishi from ADI, Japan on the topic of accessibility and reasonable accommodation.

On third day of the training Bina Silwal Executive Director of Kopila Nepal presented on the topic of peer support and role of peer support provider. The second session was facilitated by Mr. Santosh Gurung, Program Coordinator about impacts of COVID-19 on person with disabilities in Nepal.

On four and fifth day of the training, Jamuna Sharma Barsha, Vice-president of Federation of Nepalese Journalist Kaski conducted a session on the topic of role of media for inclusive participation specially for person with disabilities, Susan Sygall gave session about leadership and advocacy, Susan Dunn introduce about the MIUSA program and its objective Susan is Program manager in MIUSA and Khomraj Subedi President of NFDN Gandaki province facilitated the session to mobilize community being a leader with identifying the stakeholder.

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3. Advocacy Activities:

A. Virtual Press Meet virtual on the topic of "Priority of COVID-19 Vaccination to person with disabilities": Independent Living Centre-Pokhara (CIL-Pokhara) conducted a virtual press meet on the topic of "Priority of COVID-19 vaccination to Persons with Disabilities" date of 18thJune, 2021 with the participation of 45 individuals through Zoom to initiate advocacy at local, regional and national levels to ensure the prioritization, inclusion, and accessibility of persons with disabilities in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Objective: To alert and give pressure on the government to give first priority to People with Disability (PWDs) in COVID-19 vaccine.

As we all know that with COVID-19 vaccinations being rolled out around the world, serious concerns have raised about how persons with disabilities will access the vaccinations. Therefore, CIL-Pokhara is particularly interested to publish views, concerns, and experiences being a strong voice of persons with disabilities around our region about accessing the vaccines and keeping up the priority of COVID-19 vaccination to Persons with disabilities.

CIL-Pokhara is glad to connect around 36 journalists from various news media in the virtual press meet and hope that today’s press meet will create a positive impact on the governmental bodies on prioritizing the vaccination program for the person with a disability. CIL-Pokhara would like to thank everyone for their active participation and for sharing their view in this regard.

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B. Advocacy for Accessible Vehicle: - In June, team of CIL Pokhara continuously carried out advocacy and lobby for several days regarding budget allocation from Office of Pokhara Metropolitan for disabled friendly public vehicle and to conduct the independent living program with the coordination of CIL-Pokhara.

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4. Barrier free Check:

Mr. Hem Bahadur Gurung carried out the barrier check at newly constructed Pokhara Tourist Bus Park where he found no ramp facility and accessible toilet at the premises.

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5. Relief Support:

During COVID-19 Pandemic, CIL Pokhara did coordination with various generous local people to arrange essential material and cash support for all types of people with disabilities in different places and remote areas of Pokhara who were in need of support.

S.N. Date No. beneficiaries Supported by Remarks
1. 5 June 18 Naresh Bhattarai (Hotel Mount Kailash) & Gopi Bahadur Bhattarai (Paradiso sports and Bar) Recommended and Coordination by CIL-Pokhara
2. 14 June 20 Sandhya Gurung and Other Recommended by CIL-Pokhara
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  • 36 people with disabilities received essential food item relief support and 2 people got cash support
  • Pokhara Metropolitan City Office has introduced the program of purchasing accessible vehicle and allocated budget for the coming fiscal year after the rigorous advocacy of CIL Pokhara team.
  • 31 people with disabilities including parents of intellectual disabilities, autism and people with psychosocial disabilities attended the 5 days long Peer Support Capacity Building Training d.
  • A press release program was successfully conducted virtually regarding prioritizing vaccination for people with disabilities.


  • Covid-19
  • Office of Pokhara Metropolitan City may avoid to implement purchasing and operate accessible vehicle so it may need lots of efforts of advocacy to make it real.

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