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Yew Yi’s Activity Report

“Technology Day 2016”

Organized By Society For The Blind Malaysia, Kedah Branch

1. Introduction

Technology Day is organized to provide an opportunity for the blind to learn the technique of using a computer.

In addition, the Technology Days also aims to raise awareness of the public about the needs and abilities of the blind.

The program was held on 28 and 29 December 2016, and held at the office of MCA Alor Setar, organized by the Society For The Blind Malaysia, Kedah branch .

2. Objectives to be achieved

2.1 Society For The Blind Malaysia, Kedah branch expects the Blind who attended Technology Course could:

  • Make copies of CD
  • Copying data from a CD to a laptop.
  • Convert audio to MP3 format.
  • Make a recording with the Sound Recorder window.

2.2 Second day is the exhibition, the Society For The Blind Malaysia Kedah branch hopes the public can understand how to help visually impaired people in Kedah and Perlis. Also, it can give knowledge to the PUBLIC jobs that can be DO by visually impaired people and the basic device needs by the blind.

3. Number of Participants Attended

3.1 A total of five participants attended the technology course .

3.2 Public attended the Exhibition.

Photograph 1
Participants of technology course
Photograph 2
Yew Yi san was teaching how to operate PC to the participants
Photograph 3
The participant was taught by Yew Yi san
Photograph 4
Another participant was taught by him

4. Contents of the program:

4.1 Technology Course.

4.2 The Exhibition.

  • Talking clock
  • DAISY Player.
  • Introduction braille typing using brailler.
  • Braille display.
  • Laptop.
  • Smart phone
  • Give away braille bookmark.

5. Organizer Involved

Society For The Blind Malaysia Kedah Branch (Lim Yew Yi Secretary) and team.

MCA Alor Setar Branch .

Reporters from THE STAR NEWS.

6. Conclusion:

This program has been organized successfully. National Council of Persons with Disabilities and the MCA political party is the sponsor of this two-day program. This is first ICT program organized by Society For The Blind Malaysia, Kedah Branch.

By: Lim Yew Yi
Society For The Blind Malaysia, Kedah Branch

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