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Sahadev's Activity Reports

January 29, 2013
Sahadev delivered a presentation at the Annual General Meeting of NDFN

Dear JSRPD Staff,

Good morning! How are you? I am fine here in Nepal. Sorry to write to you this late – I have been very busy. I hope that I have not worried the JSRPD staff members, who are so caring, and my fellow 13th Duskin trainees too much.

Back on November 5 and 6, 2012, the National Deaf Federation Nepal (NDFN) held the 16th Annual General Meeting. They also launched the hostel for deaf children in the district of Syangaja. I gave a presentation on Japan, and showed photos that I had taken there. Together with the audience, I examined the Duskin program and shared my experience. I was so happy doing it, and felt very thankful to people of the JSRPD and the Duskin Ainowa Foundation.

Best Regards,

Sahadev lamichhane

(Former Duskin Trainee from 13th Program)

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