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Siyovush’s Activity Report

From November 29th to December 1st 2016 with the support of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Tajikistan and the financial assistance of the World Health Organization was held a seminar on the topic: "Rehabilitation of the Blind and Low Vision persons” in order to improve the performance of Pedagogical Methodical Psychological Committee (PMPK) and other day-care centers which works for blind people.

PMPK workers, representatives of day-care centers, local NGOs and representatives of other international organizations attended to the seminar.

Seminar was initially designed to improve the rehabilitation work of the organization which in the future are going to work for people with visual impairments in social rehabilitation. 61 participants listened the presentations proposed by the trainers who are involved in this workshop.

Presentations were offered on the following topics:

"The cause of blindness and eye diseases",

"Early intervention for pre-school children and to improve the work with these children", "Communication to improve communication skills with the blind child, -Concept of their blindness and education -",

" The story of the Braille, Braille system”,

"Basic of 5 senses to blind child: vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste skills.," "Improving orientation and mobility skills,

“Rules with sighted-guider”,

“Activities of Daily Living skills”,

“Assistive technology for the blind”,

“Introduction of inclusive education for children with disabilities”,

“Identification of disability”,

“Drafting documents of disability for benefits that have been identified by the government, drafting documents while taking on account of blind people in public organizations (drawing cards, issuing membership cards, etc.)."

My task was to present Communication skills to the blind and blind communication, How to improve hearing, smell, taste and touch skills of the blind child, orientation and mobility, activities of daily living skills and information of assistive technology for the blind and low vision. Mostly I tried to make my presentations practicable to the participants, I offered them to use blindfold that I was using as teaching aids, in order they could understand deeply what blindness is and how they can make support for the blind children further. In this regard we believe that this type of seminar gave us a very effective result. However, many participants did not imagine that a blind child can be independent.

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