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Workshop is established by wheelchair users in Indonesia

“Access Net” is design and printing service provider which is established by the group of wheel chair users. It is located in Panti Loka Bina Karya, Pondok Bambu in East of Jakarta.

Panti Loka Bina Karya is the governmental rehabilitation centre for person with physical disability.

In “Access Net”, there are some services provided such as internet café, paper printing service, graphic design service, self-design clothing; mug; or brooch, website creating service and computer repair service.

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In January 2013, Pertamina has supported this group with conducted computer training in terms how to assemble and create computer network. Computers which is used in Internet café provided by Pertamina.

Mr. Aulia Amin said, “This video invites people to see more on the capability and ability of person with disability and not only focus on their disability. ”

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Please click on the following link to see the video(only Indonesian)

Mulyadi Aulia Amin
Access Net
Director/Business Associate Coordinator

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