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Amra's Activity Reports (10th program)

SAORI Meeting

I Agenda

  1. Welcome
  2. Sharing information
  3. Saori project process

II Participant

  1. Mr.Takehsi Tanaka
  2. Mr.Mey Samith
  3. Ms.Um Amraroth
  4. Ms.Yen Rathana

1. Greeting each other

On the 17th May 2015 SAORI project were held in the PPCIL office Phnom Penh. First of all ,we had greeting each other after along break and give the present to each other.

2. Sharing information

Mr.Tanaka talked that he has resigned from the building company since 11 April 2015 and then he has tried for the three projects and more in Cambodia such as:

  1. Sola project
  2. Cambodia worker to work in Japan project
  3. SAORI project in DEACHOU Village

But now the project number 1 and number 2 are just only a dream.

3. SAORI project

This time he came to Cambodia from 16 until 26 will come to Cambodia, and meet us in order to talk about support for SAORI project. On June 2015 Mr.Tanaka will visit JICA in Japan to discuss about funding support SAORI project. On July 2015 Mr.Tanaka will come to Cambodia again.

On 22 May 2015 we are going to visit DECHOU village at Kampot province to meet local people and people of local authority to share information of the process of SAORI project. On November 2015 we have planned to meet JICA again. In this meeting not only find the support from JICA but also kusanone project from Japan embassy in Cambodia. The budget from the project around 1000$.The budget is to make equal for people in society. The JICA could support the project around 1,000,000 Yen.

During meeting, he talked about the last three years I have been here to meet disabled people who lived in difficult situation and think that their disability is a barrier. Have many organizations which work with meaning disabilities such as mainstream and CMC. He has also explained that the money for the project, we will work for the people not for the money in order to change the standard of living in the village. He is going to take this idea to explain the people there.

Turn back to our discussion, during this time he is going to meet many people in order to write informative project proposal and activity involved the project. For example he meets many people in Japan such as Mr. kadota , Ms Zaki ,JICA and SAORI in Japan. Also in Cambodia he met Mr. Samith, Ms Amra , Mr Kimsan ,Mr Sinara and Ms Rathana. Actuslly we have had a lot of meetings but we did not have any good results yet. The mainstream association has help him a lots in the process of the project. Especially, mainstream association could support us in the solar project by buy the solar power for people with disabilities’ use.

Structure of SAORI working

Structure of SAORI working

In order to lead success this project, we need to cooperate with partners. The budget 10% from the project use in research administration, prepare documents , make a report and appeal to all donors .Thus on July he will contact with JICA.

On July and August we will prepare his plan and during October JICA will accept the SAORI project application. As a result the SAORI project will start on June 2016.

Focus on Budget Plan

Ms. Amra, Mr. Samith and Ms. Rathana will put the plan in the project proposal. Mr.Samith response as the board manager for the SAORI project. We need strong and good collaboration among Cambodian as good team. Thus we need to have clear roles and responsibilities. The budget 10% used for the administration and 80% to 90% for activities.


Visit DECHOU Village


To talk people and local authority about SAORI project.

  1. Mr Tanaka
  2. Mr Kimsan
  3. Mr.Sambath
  4. Ms Amraroth
  5. Ms Rathana

Travel about 90 kms from Phnom Penh, there is a Dechou village. We prepare our journey since 8 o’clock in the morning. Along the way we have chatted about the project.

After 2 hours we arrive at DECHOU village. In here all infrastructure were developed faster and faster. When we arrived there we met the chief village, chief commune and the many people.

First of all, we have greeted and introduced each other. Mr Takana has presented about the SAORI project to people in DECHOU village and we all try hard to make this project successful.

Finally people understood and welcomed the project with warm heart.

Meeting with people in DECHOU Village

Photograph Meeting with people in DECHOU Village

Photo with Authorithy

Photograph Photo with Authorithy

Landscape of the DECHOU Village

Photograph Landscape of the DECHOU Village

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