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Amraroth (Cambodia, 10th program) held a meeting on the SAORI Project in Phnom Penh

Report of the SAORI Project Meeting – March 2014

On 1st March 2014 I and Ratana met Kenji san at Imperial Garden Hotel Phnom Penh at 9 o’clock.


  1. Welcome
  2. Mr. Kenji‘s Health
  3. Fund Of Processing SAORI
  4. Visit Vocational Training Place ( Decho Village )
  5. SAORI Building
  6. Others


  1. Mr. Kenji Otani
  2. Mr. Deap Kimsan
  3. Mr. Tum Penvirakvitou
  4. Ms. Um Amraroth
  5. Miss Yen Ratana

First of all I and Ratana met Mr. Kenji and Mr. Kimsan at Imperial Garden Hotel Phnom Penh. The meeting proceeded as outlined in the agenda above.

1. Welcome

For a long time we had missed each other, so we were very happy to meet up again. Unfortunately Mr. Samith could not join this meeting because he is attending his brother’s weeding in Kratie Province.

2. Mr. Kenji Otani Health

Mr. Kenji is not so well because he has a disease. He will have an operation at the end of April this year. We all wish him the best with this operation. We hope he will have a good health.

3. Fund of Processing SAORI project

Mr. Kenji said that there would be funding for the SAORI project for the first three years. Consequently, he said, he was planning to apply for ODA funding which has supported CMC in Battambang, Cambodia.

The fund which we will get from ODA can only support the activity parts of the whole project and the cost of building the SAORI building will be gained from the profit of selling the house (it is called Mekong House and located in Phnom Penh) of Mr. Kenji and his friend. If the house will sell successfully in June the construction work can be start in December this year.

4. Visit Vocational Training Place (Decho Village)

All of us would like to visit Decho Village which will be the vocational training place during next year. Mr. Kenji recommended that this visiting should go with Mr. Choun Peal, a Japanese man who had supported CMC in Cambodia to get fund from ODA funding. In the middle of March, he will come to Cambodia and join the trip Kampot together. After this visiting, Mr. Kenji hopes that he will help us a lot on the funding front of the SAORI project.

5. SAORI Building

We have already secured a plot of land for the SAORI building – it was a contribution made from the commune authority. Mr. Kimsan said that after visiting Decho Village we can plan to build the SAORI building with the estimated cost and it would be the good building for the whole SAORI project. Especially, this building must be convenient and comfortable to people with disabilities as well as that it must meet the requirements set by the disability law.

6. Others

Mr. Vitou, who was responsible for coordinating this project with the Cambodian government, also add that Decho Village is so new and pretty, located behind the mountain. Maybe 300 disability families live there in the yellow house, which was donated by the Cambodian government. However, they have not yet got a job and income. As a result, he hopes that the SAORI project can help them a lot. Oh Decho Village is a golden village, he wishes to live there too .

Moreover, he will buy all products produced in the SAORI project, if they are made with quality. Now he works for Cambodia-trade Arg Industry Association. It was good news for us and hopefully for the disabled people in the village. Thank you so much, Mr. Vitou, for your support.

There are two schools near the village and my husband can move to work there. The meeting ended with happiness and warm heart – we are determined to work hard together for a success of the project.

Amraroth UM
(participated in the 10th program)

Scenery of Phnom Penh
Scenery of Phnom Penh
Meeting 1
Meeting 2
Amrath smiling
Amrath smiling

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