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Activity Reports

I'd like to share my activities since Nov 4 .

From Nov 4 to Dec 17 - the session focuses on Deaf women group, the Promoting Access to Reproductive, Justice through Human Rights Education for Deaf, Visual and Mobility Impaired Women and Adolescent Girls. I was the one of 5 Deaf and Hard of Hearing facilitator.

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Dec 8 - I was the one who encouraged the group of Child of Deaf Adult and my contribution to support this event in the past last Nov 17 the small discussion group before event I was there to consulted. Even I was only one who is Deaf example being a activist deaf communities.


Photograph 3

Dec 8 - I supposed to stay at the CODA event, however, UN Women staff who asked me to interview during the show online on the same day.

So I could not join at the event for a whole day, unfortunately, and decided to come to the show to speak up on behalf of Deaf women communities.

Rappler social media producer Marguerite de Leon moderates a roundtable discussion with UN Women's Chang Jordan, Filipino Deaf Women Health and Crisis Center - Maria Rowena Rivera, and the Institute of Politics and Governance's Hubert Belandres to talk more about ending sexual violence.

Photograph 4

Join the conversation by using the hashtag #SafeCities, #FreeFromFear, or #MeToo. 12082017 with FSL Interpreter


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