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Weng's trip to India and activities in the Philippines - April-August 2013

Weng's Activity Report: April-August 2013

April 15, 2013 Sea Sign and Camp in Anilao, Province of Batangas

We carried out an outdoor activity with hearing people from the Coalition Against Trafficking In Women – Asia Pacific (CATW-AP). It was our first time to involve and teaching Filipino Sign Language. During the two days, we developed a really good memory with women during in 2 days. Dr. Liza Martinez was among the participants.

Photograph 1 Photograph 2

April 28 – May 5

I traveled to India for 7 days. After a brief stop in Mumbai for a night, I left for Pune to conduct our workshop for 5 days. I had never imaged what I saw people...transport...foods...and in Pune. I also had heartfelt experiences.

I thanked Arti Umrotkar, with whom I strolled around the whole day and had a good exchange in Mumbai. I would really like to know more about the situation. We appreciated that we shared our advocate, My Mentor (Dr. Liza Martinez) and interpreter from the Philippines.

Arti took us to the National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped in Mumbai and we met a Deaf instructor. We also shared our activity in the Philippines with them, and exchanged information about interpreter systems, education, human rights and organization. Afterwards we went off to Pune, which was 5 hours away from Mumbai.

I was the only Deaf participants from the Philippines. I attended a seminar called 'Transforming communities for Inclusion of persons with psycho-social disabilities'. There were 27 disabled participants coming from different countries including the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and China. The majority of them had a psychosocial disability.

I learned a lot of new things. And I met a number of new, inspiring people. After I came home, I shared what I had benefited from the training with others.

Arti (left) and me (right)
Arti (left) and me (right)

18 July, 2013

I talked about accessibility for the Filipino Deaf community for 15 minutes.

Photograph 4

12-15 August, 2013

Being selected as a participant, I participated in the research project of the Women With Disabilities Leader (WOW LEAP). It was about Sexual Reproductive Health Disability Research for Women with Disabilities funded by AusAid.

Ice break
Ice break
Role Play
Role Play

Ma Rowena B Rivera (Weng)
Filipino Deaf Women's Health and Crisis Center Inc
Former President / Volunteer / Deaf Interpreter Relay
8th Duskin Program Trainee

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