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Weng's Activity Reports

Delivered a Presentation at the Makati City Hall

Hi Duskin family,

I just wanted to share the news with you. I went to Makati City Hall in my home town.

I delivered a presentation and shared the Deaf Culture and Filipino Sign Language (FSL) with people from the Makati City Social Worker Department, who invited persons with disabilities.

1. My presentation: "Sensitivity Lecture on Pedestrians with Disabilities"

I gave a presentation for 5 minutes focusing on Deaf women and girls issue. I was the only Deaf person there and sat with 5 different NGO women who were hearing.

I thanked Ms. Maureen Mata, who lost her leg and is the chairwoman of the Makati Federation of PWDs. She also called a sign language interpreter to help and introduce to me – her name is Laura and she has low vision. I was relieved to have a sign language interpreter during my presentation.

2. Roundtable Discussion on Gender-based Violence and Media

At first, I was worried because the FSL interpreter was not able to attend and Dr. Liza Martinez rushed to help me as a voice interpreter. I thanked Dr. Liza Martinez, who taught me a lot of discipline while I was lecturing and is passionate in serving the Deaf community even though she has a very serious health condition.

Two of us from the Filipino Deaf Women's Health and Crisis Center joined in the parade without access to interpreters. During this event, I felt that the Government or Non-Government organizations do not seem to consider inviting Women with Disabilities. Some of my fellow women who are hearing invited us to join this event. They are very much aware our rights and said they would invite us again next time.

Ma Rowena B Rivera – “Weng” (former Duskin trainee from the 8th program)
Former President / Volunteer / Deaf Interpreter Relay
The Filipino Deaf Women's Health and Crisis Center Inc.

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