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Soe’s Activity Report

Outline of MILI Political Institute

1) MILI Political Institute was established in June 15th, 2017.

2) The activities we have already done:

2.1) Political and Electoral Capacity Building Training for Leaders with disability

2.2) Advocacy to Parliament members and Election management body to promote the political rights of people with disability

2.3) Advocacy to Political parties to make their policies inclusive for all

2.4) to University students and social workers to understand on political and public rights of people with disability

2.5) Train the staff members and members with disability on political inclusion

3) Plan for next two years (2018-19)

3.1) Will open the Political Science Courses for Persons with disability

3.2) Will organize an exposure visit to ASEAN countries to learn about political and electoral movements of Persons with disability

3.3) Will conduct Disability Inclusion Training for Political parties, Parliaments, Election management bodies, CSOs and Media institutions

3.4) Will organize the National Multi-Stakeholders Forum on Political rights of Persons with disability

3.5) Will collaborate with IFES (International Foundation for Electoral Systems) to host the Regional AGENDA Conference on Disability Access in Elections in 2018

3.6) Will produce the Advocacy and IEC materials on Disability and Political rights

3.7) Will influence to amend the Elections Law to make it accessible and more inclusive

4) Plan for future (long-term)

  • Engage more in Inclusive Democratic Reform works for Persons with disability
  • Support for Inclusive Peace building and Inclusion of Persons with disability
  • Advocate for Inclusive Federal Systems, Referendums and Elections
  • Involve and Support for making Inclusive Constitution and Laws
  • Work for Rules of law and Justice for All
  • Promote Political rights, Public participation and Inclusive

development of Persons with disability and Marginalized populations

Photograph 1

Member of Parliament and the lady is Head of Program & Quality

Department of my organization (she was former Director of Department of Social Welfare in Government)

Photograph 2 Photograph 3
I am giving lectures to the leaders of political parties in Myanmar
Photograph 4 Photograph 5
Photograph 6
I am facilitating the political & electoral training for DPO leaders

Nay Lin Soe
Executive Director
MILI Political Institute

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