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Activity Reports from Myanmar

The Myanmar Independent Living Initiative (MILI) was founded in Yangon in May 2011

Three Myanmar citizens with disabilities <Nay Lin Soe, Aung Ko Myint and May Khant Chit Khin> who have completed their one year training program named DUSKIN Leadership Training in Japan; a Program for persons with disabilities in Asia and the Pacific Region, founded “Myanmar Independent Living Initiative”, organization of persons with disabilities in Yangon on May 8th 2011 to initiate and start the independent living movement and inclusion of persons with disabilities in Myanmar.

Myanmar-ILI has received an official acknowledgement letter from Department of social welfare and, legally registered at Ministry of Home Affair in September 2011.

Type of organization

Organization of persons with disabilities (Non-government, non-profit, non-religious organization)

Target beneficiaries

People with disabilities (Priority to women, children and persons with severe disabilities)

  • Persons with physical, visual and/or hearing impairment
  • Persons with intellectual disability
  • Persons with leprosy
  • Persons with HIV/AIDS
  • Persons with long-tern disease
  • Persons with epilepsy
  • Poor elderly persons

Our vision

To build an inclusive and right-based barrier-free society where persons with disabilities can live independently with their full potential as others

Our motto

We are agents of change

Our Mission

i) To empower and support persons with disabilities for their independent living

ii) To advocate and promote the inclusion and rights of persons with disabilities

Planned functions and activities

1. Advocacy & Capacity Development <Twin-track strategy>

1.1 Rights-Based Disability related Trainings (DET, DID, CBID, etc.) to;

<Government sectors > Ministry of Social Welfare, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Information, Cities-Development Committees, Senators, Political parties etc.

<Non-Profit sectors > UN organizations, International NGOs, Local NGOs etc.

<Religious sector > Faith-based organizations, Monasteries, Churches etc.

<Business sectors > Companies, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants etc.

<Professional sector > Architects, Engineers, Doctors, Designers etc.

<Media sector > Editors, Writers, Journalists, Reporters etc.

1.2 National Level Competitions - Essay, Poem, Cartoon, Paint and Speech on disability

1.3 Capacity Development of Disabled people's organizations, Self-help groups, Parent groups

<Training/Workshop/Seminar/Conference/Study program/Visits/etc.>

2. Establish Sub-Organizations and Strengthen Independent Living Centers

2.1 National level <Head>

2.2 Regional and State level <Sub-organization/centers>

2.3 Township level <Sub-organization/centers>

3. Programs, Projects and Actions for Independent Living and Equal Rights of PWDs in the community

Organization structure

Organization structure

Contact information

Contact Persons:
i) Nay Lin Soe (Mr) / Program Director
ii) Aung Ko Myint (Mr) / Operation Director
Phone : +95-9-43-123-742, +95-9-510-2118
E-mail : info.myanmarili@gmail.com
Website: www.myanmarili.com

Nay Lin Soe (7th program),
Aung Ko Myint (2nd program), and
May Khant Chit Khin (1st program)
– Former Duskin Trainees in Myanmar –

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