Command keys of mailer mode

Configure account 1 Ctrl + F6

Configure account 2 Ctrl + F7

Configure account 3 Ctrl + F8

Configure account 4 Ctrl + F9

Configure account 5 Ctrl + F10

Use account 1 Ctrl + F1

Use account 2 Ctrl + F2

Use account 3 Ctrl + F3

Use account 4 Ctrl + F4

Use account 5 Ctrl + F5

Receive mails F1

On/off of speaking the number of received mails Ctrl + PageUp

Receive mails and visit INBOX C

Read this mail Enter, V

Show long subject H, END

Select previous/next mail and show long subject Ctrl + Up or Down cursor

Extract attached files F4, P

Add to address book F9, J

+ Article view

Back to summary F2

Save F2 twice

Save block 。。。。F2 three times

Append block to file F2 four times

Save/execute attached file F1

Edit address book F9 five times

Delete mail (move to DUSTBOX) F5, D, Del

Visit DUSTBOX folder Shift + F10

Clear DUSTBOX folder F9 twice, E

Visit specified folder or create new folder F8, G

Make new folder F9 four times

Visit INBOX folder Shift + F1, I

Visit MAILBOX folder Shift + F6, M

Move mail to specified folder F6, T

Move all mails to specified folder F6 twice, L

Classify mails F7, A

Move spams F9 six times, !

Compose F2, W

Send mails F1 twice, S

Visit OUTBOX folder Shift + F2, O

Visit DRAFTBOX folder Shift + F3, X

Visit SENDBOX folder Shift + F7, B

Reply F2 twice, R

Forward F2 three times, F

Quick mail search F3, K

Mail search F3 twice, K

On/off of quick mail search :

Back to search result F3 three times, ;, BS

List search F3 four times

Backward list search F3 five times

Case-insensitive list search F3 six times

Backward case-insensitive list search F3 seven times

Beginning of mail list Shift + Up cursor

End of mail list Shift + Down cursor

Save/execute attached file on mail list F4

Go up thread U

Go down thread N

Go along a thread (downward in the list) .

Go along a thread (upward in the list) ,

On/off of thread mode F10, /

Rebuild mail database in the folder F9 three times, Z

Save mail as file Y

Insert mark Shift + F10

Delete only marks Back space, Delete

Attach file to composing mail F1 twice

Call filer when attaching file to composing mail F1 twice and Enter

Get out of mailer mode Ctrl + Delete

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