Command keys of editor mode


Configure Ctrl + F1

Close without saving F1

Save and close F2

Revert values F3

Increment or decrement value Shift + Up or Down cursor

Edit value Enter

Select value from candidates Right or Left cursor

Cancel Esc


Enable/disable screen reader Ctrl + PageUp, Shift + Ctrl + [

Switch editor mode, browser mode, and mail Ctrl + Del

Shell Ctrl + Home

On/off of braille display Shift + F5, Shift + Ctrl + T

Change braille/voice for message Shift + F4, Shift + Ctrl + R

On/off cursor on braille display Ctrl + ]

Maximize window Ctrl + F2, Alt Space X

Restore window size Ctrl + F3, Alt Space R

Open file F1, Ctrl + Q

Insert file F1 twice

Open file in unused buffer F1 three times

Clear current buffer and open another file F1 five times

Save F2, Ctrl + W

Save all F2 and right cursor

Save and exit ALTAIR F2 twice

Save all and exit ALTAIR F2 twice and right cursor

Quit ALTAIR without saving F2 three times, Shift + Ctrl + K, Alt+F4

Save as F2 four times

Append buffer to existing file F2 five times and Right cursor

Save linked page SHIFT+F6, F1 twice

Toggle between insert/replace modes Ctrl + -

Up Up cursor

Down Down cursor

Left Left cursor

Right Right cursor

Beginning of buffer Shift + Up cursor

End of buffer Shift + Down cursor

Beginning of line Shift + Left cursor

End of line Shift + Right cursor

Backward one word or one Japanese phrase Ctrl + Left cursor

Forward one word or one Japanese phrase Ctrl + Right cursor

Go to next non-empty line Ctrl + ,

Go to previous non-empty line Shift + Ctrl + ,

Go to specified line or column Shift + F8, Shift + Ctrl + I

Jump between { and } Ctrl + F

Toggle between link jump and mark jump of Ctrl + Up/Down cursor。。CTRL+6

Jump 20 lines down CTRL+;

Jump 20 lines up CTRL+:

Read details of current character Ctrl + PageDown, Shift + Ctrl + F, Alt R D

Read character code of current character Shift + Ctrl + D, Ctrl + End, Alt R O

Change mode of detailed reading Ctrl + 7

Delete a character Del

Undo deletion Ctrl + N

Delete character on left of cursor BackSpace

Delete from here to end of line Shift + Ctrl + J

Delete current line F5, Ctrl + T

Clear entire text of buffer F1 four times, Ctrl + [

Line break CTRL+M

Search F3, Ctrl + E

Backward search F3 twice

Case insensitive search F3 and Right cursor

Case insensitive backward search F3 twice and Right cursor

Repeat last search Shift + Ctrl + Down cursor, Shift + Ctrl + F

Repeat last search backward Shift + Ctrl + Up cursor, Shift + Ctrl + A

Replace (Replace in text from here) F4, Ctrl + R

Replace to next mark F4 twice

Case-insensitive replace F4 and Right cursor

Case-insensitive replace to next mark F4 twice and Right cursor

Replace all F4 three times

Case-insensitive replace all F4 three times and Right cursor

Read continuously from here and move cursor following to reading Shift + Home, Ctrl + K

On/off of the line break skip Shift + End

On/off of read-inhibit function Shift + Ctrl + H

Toggle between EXTRA mode and TTS mode Shift + Ctrl + ]

On/off of English mode Shift + F9

Read current line Home, Ctrl + J

Toggle between character reading and line reading when moving up or down by cursor keys End, Ctrl + Z

Enable/disable skipping empty lines Shift + Ctrl + S

Change the starting point of line reading Ctrl + S

Wrap display Alt O W

Show buffer name Shift + Del, Ctrl + 8

Show buffer size Shift + PageUp, Ctrl + 9

Show cursor position and the range specified as a block PageUp, Ctrl + 0

Specify block top F9, Shift + Ctrl + End, Ctrl + O

Specify block end F10, Shift + Ctrl + PageDown, Ctrl + P

Delete block F6, Ctrl + Y

Copy block F7, Ctrl + U

Move block F8, Ctrl + I

Paste block repetitively F7 twice

Restore block F6 twice

Save block F2 five times

Append block F2 six times

Marking Shift + F10, Shift + Ctrl + Home, Shift + Ctrl + P

Jump to previous mark Ctrl + Up cursor, CTRL + A

Jump to next mark Ctrl + Down cursor, CTRL + F

Copy (Memorize string) F8 twice, Shift + Ctrl + Left cursor, Shift + Ctrl + S

Paste F8 three times, Shift + Ctrl + Right cursor, Alt E P

Cut F5 twice, Shift + Ctrl + PageUp

Quick copy (Memorize string without using marks) Shift + Ctrl + L

Enable/disable saving marks Shift + Ctrl + Z

Select all Ctrl + A

Cut into clipboard Ctrl + X

Copy into clipboard Ctrl + C, F5 three times

Paste from clipboard Ctrl + V, F6 three times

Input control code Ctrl + L

Delete extended ASCII characters (works only when data type is text) Ctrl + \

Specify input data type Shift + F3, Shift + Ctrl + E

Convert loaded braille file to text (works only when data type is braille) Ctrl + \

Toggle between file 1 and 2 Shift + PageDown, Shift + Ctrl + G

Switch buffer PageDown, Ctrl + G

Fold Ctrl + B

Wordwrap Shift + Ctrl + B

Printing F2 three times and Right cursor

Braille embossing F2 four times and Right cursor

Open hot file Shift + F2, Shift + Ctrl + W

Run batch file F1 six times

Telephone Shift + F7, Shift + Ctrl + U

Search in CD-ROM dictionaries Shift + F1, Shift + Ctrl + Q

Internet Shift + Ctrl + Y, Shift + F6

On/off of read punctuations Ctrl + 5

Display file size and updated time when selecting filer Shift + Home

ALTAIR for Windows