Command keys of browser mode

Connect dial-up (UP command) Shift + F4, U

Disconnect dial-up (DOWN command) Shift + F5, D

Get web page (GET command) F1, G

Jump to previous/next link Ctrl + Up or Down cursors

Toggle between mark jump and link jump Ctrl + 6

Back (BACK command) F3, B

Reload (RELOAD command) F4, R

Forward (NEXT command) F5, N

Visit home page (HOME command) F6, H

On/off of structure display mode Shift + Ctrl + -

Search engine (FIND command) F9, F

Search engine list (ENGINE command) F10, E

Favorites (LIST command) F7, L

Add to favorites (APPEND command) F8, A

Get multiple pages (MULTIPLE GET command) Shift + F7, (M)

Append this page to the list (INSERT BATCH command) Shift + F8, (I)

Clear the list (WIPE BATCH command) Shift + F9, (W)

Save access log (LOGSAVE command) Shift + F2, (X)

Clear access log (LOGCLEAR command) Shift + F3, (C)

Save linked page F6, F1 twice

Show page source (SOURCE command) F2, (S)

Convert page into text (TEXT command) Shift + F1, (T)

Change character set Shift + Ctrl + 6

On/off of cookie authentication Shift + Ctrl + \

Run FTP script Shift + F6, (O)

Link from saved page to saved/original page Shift + F10, (J)

Next audio element N

Previous audio element B

Go to beginning of current audio element R

Pause or continue P

First audio element F

Speed up (by 0.2, up to double speed) H

Slow down (by 0.2, down to normal speed) L

Output the file specified by text src (default) T

Do not output the file specified by text src U

Quit the program X

Quit the program (equal to UX) Q

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