ALTAIR Update ( Version 10 series )

May 28, 2013 Version 10.04e release

Mar 18, 2013 Version 10.02e release

* Modified the destined directory to install ALTAIA from C:\ to the standard directory of Windows.
On the first launch of ALTAIA for Windows 10.0 by an existing user, whole set will be copied in the new directory.

ALTAIR Update ( Version 9 series )

Dec 14, 2009 Version 9.11e release

Oct 28, 2009 Version 9.10e release

June 15, 2009 Version 9.04e release

April 28, 2009 Version 9.03e release

February 9, 2009 Version 9.02e release

Support for Braille displays

Focus Braille


Braille display of marks

Speech related matters

Toggle on/off to read Japanese punctuations, toggle on/off to read English punctuations

Toggle on/off to read symbols

Example of yomanai.dat or noread.dat

Mail related matters

Mails using SSL

Configuration of spam mail threshold

Canceling the speaking of the number of received mails when receiving mails

Browser related matters

Yahoo search site


Cursor movement on option setting screen

DMC library update

Importing Mac text file

Stable performance on Windows Vista

ALTAIR Update ( Version 8 series )

February 1, 2008 Version 8.0e release

New braille displays supported



The function of "Save as" was added.

Filer's function to display details about files

Filer's function to edit file name

Speech engine for SAPI Version 5 specification is supported

Change in the configuration of reading speed and pitch

On/off toggle of punctuation reading

Port numbers for SMTP and POP3

Making a mail folder

Editing the address book

Saving/Appending block

Marking function

Moving Spam mails to a box

Automatic switch to browser mode

Confirmation of website encryption by SSL

Importing Office 2007, Acrobat 8, Ichitaro 2007

Import functions for the following files have been added.

Background color "green and gray" selected

Online manual in text format


ALTAIR Update ( Version 7 series )

March 2, 2007 Version 7.0e release

A function was added to call a filer to attach files to a composing mail.

When extracting attached files, selection of either save or execute is available.

Windows media player is available.

Unicode is supported.

Download progress is displayed.

History is displayed.

Extra empty lines are not displayed on the browser.

A function to "save linked pages" was added to the browser.

NORMANET website is in the Favorites.

Font size of menu can be reverted to default.

The number of supported braille displays increased.

Up/down screen jump function by command key was added.

The terms and concepts hard to understand were replaced.

A function was added to fix the mode for detailed reading.

A function was added to always display the current mode.

Larger font size is available.

Help file names were changed/added, and links among manuals are supported.

Help file format was changed from text to html. Accordingly, links among manuals are supported.

refedit_en.html, refbrowser_en.html, refmail_en.html, refshell_en.html: Command Lists (The opened list differs depending on the mode.)

The menu for font color and size was added.

Font color and size can be selected. You can select a size from four font sizes: large, medium, small, and user's (your own setting). You can select a color from six font colors: five following colors and user's. Default font colors are:

The accelerator key can be added for menu reading.

Options were added.

Menu items were added.

The following menu items were added.

File menu

Edit menu

Search menu

Internet menu

Mail menu

Braille menu (new)

Details menu (new)

Options menu

Help menu

ALTAIR Update ( Version 6 series )

March 1, 2006 Version 6.0e release

Braille display

Supporting and packaging both KBDC and ALVA drivers

Assignment of Braille display keys eliminated

Horizontal scrolling of the Braille display is supported

Menu bar

Command names changed according to Windows

The following command names have been changed to the Windows-standard user interface:

Visually displays the guide

The guide is displayed on the two upper lines of the window.

Visual display of the guide for commands using the function keys has been eliminated

File selection

Filer improved

  1. My Computer, Desktop, and My Network added
    My Computer has been added to access drive directories.
    Selecting this displays the Desktop and all drives on the PC.
    Desktop has been added above My Computer, and the file list, My Network, and My Documents on the Windows Desktop are displayed.
    Selecting My Network displays the list of domains and network PCs. Selecting this enables access to any PC on the network. If authentication is required, users must enter their user IDs and passwords.
  2. Key operation in selecting a file added
    • Move to a superior directory by pressing the Backspace key
    • Select the first file by pressing the Home key
    • Select the last file by pressing the End key
  3. Incremental search in selecting a file
    Files beginning with an alphabetical character entered in selecting a file are displayed in succession.
  4. Supporting a shortcut to a directory
    A shortcut to a directory can be selected as when selecting the directory itself.
  5. <.> deleted from the file list

One-line editor improved

Externally specifying a file from

Edit and display

Wrapping the display

Displaying the buffer size


The edit function for the clipboard has been added. With the addition, key command combinations have been changed as shown below:

Other changes in key command combinations

Help mode

Microsoft Text-to-Speech Engine

Supports DMC Library 4.0.1


Supports SMTP authentication

Hiding the password

Web browser


Search engine list

With/without browser mode

Structure display turned off by default

vewww.cfg eliminated

ALTAIR for Windows