ALTAIR's Feartures

Fast and easy
ALTAIR is the editor a blind person can effectively operate to input characters and edit documents. It is excellent in working speed and operational performance, and a beginner can use it easily.
Supporting weak-eyed people
ALTAIR is good not only for blind people but also for weak-eyed people. It has easy functions to change the type, size, and color of font and background color.
Multiple functions and high quality
For intermediate and advanced users, many functions are supported, which are quite helpful if you can make good use of them. They include multiple file edit, CD-ROM dictionary search, web access, email, command line shell, block edit, marking, copy and paste, search and replace including linefeed characters.
Real time braille translation
ALTAIR can display braille in real time with high conversion precision by using the braille translation engine of EXTRA for Windows. You can comfortably perform a detailed work that is rather difficult with sound alone, by outputting a document on the braille display when editing. You can easily read braille files with a braille display.
Almost no limit on file size
It is one of ALTAIR's features that you can edit big documents. There is almost no limit for line length, total number of lines, and size of blocks. You can do editing until the free space of memory and hard disk drives run out. It is easy to edit big text files of 1MB or 2MB.
CD-ROM dictionary search
ALTAIR has convenient CD-ROM dictionary search function. You can consult dictionaries when writing documents and can easily paste the result of the search into your documents.
Internet browser function
ALTAIR has Internet browser function. It supports not only simple web browsing but also the use of search engine, form input, and FTP.
Import Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF or RTF documents
ALTAIR can import Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF or RTF files.
ALTAIR includes a mail user agent with an easy user interface with menu. It also supports file attachment, mail classification, and threading.
Command line shell
ALTAIR supports command line shell just like Windows command prompt. With the shell mode, you can run any external commands. You can also use filename completion, history and tag jump.

ALTAIR for Windows